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Welcome to Trinity Mortgage!

We give San Antonio Military Veterans VA Home Loans and Re-fiancing Options that save them Time, Money and Hassle with a personalized approach.

*  More than 30 years' experience working with the high standards of our military family
*  Comprehensive understanding of the financial systems
*  Detailed oriented, result driven and a 99% success rate
*  We deal with multiple financial institutions

We don't believe that peoples' credit score needs to be pulled prior to having a conversation with a loan officer.  Many times we will know what options are available to you before even pulling the score.  If you want to know if you qualify, click here, answer a quick couple of questions or call us at (210) 698-8876 

We understand and respect the fact that most people have a flaw in their credit or employment history.  With more than 3,500 loans under out belt we have learned the "ins and outs of lending" that allows us to turn a potentially difficult situation into a clear path towards results.  Unlike the cookie cutter approach, large institutions take, our personalized approach looks to the individual and finds the ideal product and lender that matches their needs.

Our strict client-loan officer confidentiality policies guarantee your information's safekeeping.  We understand that for us to help you best we will need to find out details of your financial past.  Our clients can rest assured that any piece of information they provide will remain 100% confidential.

We partner with our clients for the long run.  We have their backs and are always looking for refinancing opportunities along the way.  Our clients make wise financial decisions and we are proud to help them become smart financial investors.

Find the solution that fits your needs.

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Heidi, we want to express our gratitude for your help in the acquisition of the home on XXXX. We mostly appreciate that you and Angie put in the extra effort to help us. You and Angie went above and beyond what is typically expected of mortgage brokers. We will never forget the time and support you both gave us.

After a bad experience with another mortgage company, this was a very pleasant, smooth, less stressful experience.

I congratulate you and your company on the process to process my refinance on my mortgage. It was painless and fast which is in contrast to some other companies. I have applied with over the past year to find a lower mortgage rate. I will recommend Trinity Mortgage to any of my friends that are looking for mortgage services.