VA Jumbo Program

We are a San Antonio VA Jumbo loan lender.  If you need expertise advise on the absolute best VA product available for loan amounts over $484,350 and you are a Texas Veteran then we can help you throughout the entire state.


VA will allow veterans to have a loan amount up to $1,000,000!  Unfortunately many veterans and realtors do not know about this huge benefit and are losing out on lower rates and lower down payments.  The rates on this product are generally about .25% higher than a regular VA conforming, but the benefits do not stop there.  Most conventional jumbo loans or loan amounts greater than $484,350 require a 20% down payment. On the VA jumbo product there is a down payment requirement when the loan amount is over $484,350, but that down payment on a $700,000 home is closer to 10% on a VA product as opposed to the conventional 20%.  That equates to an extra $70,000 which stays with the borrower!  Please give me a call at 210-698-8876 ext 1