Your Mortgage Options

As opposed to the Big Bank institutions we have the flexibility to offer what is right for you.  All too often, we get asked, ” Why didn’t my lending institution tell me that?”

approved-1049259_960_720 (1)As a mortgage broker, we identify your mortgage options and then identify a lender which offers the most competitive rates and has a product that will adapt to the guidelines you require.

The current market is allowing lenders to write their own overlays to the standard rules which Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, VA and FHA have in place and only with a deep understanding and a multitude of resources can we find the option that is right for you.  Again, this is the advantage a broker brings to you.  (If you are wondering, if going through a broker means higher rates and fees, the answer is NO.  We are offered discounted wholesale rates that translate to the best available rate passed on to you.)

Rates are important and we offer competitive rates, but that is not why you should use Trinity Mortgage.  Our knowledge of the ends and outs of the mortgage lending will provide you with a level of service and understanding you will not find at every lending institution.

We are committed to provide you with real answers and wish to make certain you understand the process and options that are available to you.

Wise investors make wise financial decisions, the mortgage you choose goes a long way to a healthy financial future.

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